At Masters Pro we are fully aware that poor employee work performance can prove detrimental to a company’s success. Corporate Training helps employees identify their weaknesses and improve their knowledge; and provide clarity in job roles and expectations. With the help of corporate training, employees can enhance their skills resulting in an increase in company performance.

Masters Pro offers a variety of corporate training programmes to enhance competence levels to a point where participants possess the competitive advantage to move forward and progress in their job roles ultimately benefiting the organisation as a whole.

Some of the popular corporate training programmes Masters Pro offers:

Data Analytics

In the current fast-paced work environment, organisations need to make informed business decisions more quickly and accurately than ever before. Acquiring sound knowledge in data analytics is vital in order to be able to respond quickly to emerging market trends and to gain a competitive edge over rivals.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has changed the way businesses are run. The shift to digital marketing has created huge challenges for many employees. We understand that obtaining the right skills is an integral part of the success of any business.

Drone Technology

Drones are no longer just used to take photos and videos, they are now seen as modern technologies that can provide industries with a mass of benefits. Inspections can also be done faster with higher detail as a drone can get lower to the ground. A drone’s capability to allow operators to inspect previously inaccessible areas, reduce safety hazards and costs, and acquire precise data for a wide variety of applications is reason enough to look out for an increase of drone job openings in the near future . Be part of the #droneeconomy , get yourself certified and trained by the industry leaders .

Customised Training Programmes

Our short professional programmes can be catered to specific training and development requirements with the aim of addressing the business needs and learning objectives of our clients. We recognise that business and training goals differ from company to company. There is an increasing demand for highly customised training programmes garnered to increasing sales, enhancing employee performance, improving organisational communication, and nurturing and developing leaders.

Starting from the ground up, our dedicated team will liaise with your key management staff to identify and understand your training objectives and goals. Bearing in mind your company’s objectives and corporate culture, we will then proceed to determine the specific skills, strategies and appropriate delivery style; develop the content; design exercises and activities for hands-on participation; and provide follow-up coaching. The involvement of our specially selected trainer in these discussions will ensure programme objectives and goals are met and the training a success.