Our dedicated team has more than 20 years of experience in education that stretches across the academic dimension especially in assisting working adults to find their way to the right universities for over a decade. Our team consists of skilled individuals who are effective, efficient and thorough in recruiting, organising, delivering and handling working professionals and assisting them towards part time MBA and/or DBA programme. Having solid foundation in delivering part time programmes, the team has strong calibre to handle any sort of business related to further education focusing on working professionals.

We are proud to share our success story: 90% of our students are recommended by existing students whom we have assisted to get an admission in the right university/institution for a right programme at a reasonable/affordable fee.

Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA)


  • 01. Title that carries a recognition in the society
  • 02. Critical thinking for decision making
  • 03. Enhanced knowledge/research skills
  • 04. Career progression
  • 05. Potential leadership role

Masters in in Business Administration


  • 01. Career progression
  • 02. Career shift
  • 03. Self growth
  • 04. Leadership Development
  • 05. Employability

Embarking on a degree is not just about obtaining a qualification but for the benefit of gaining knowledge, sharpening one’s intellect and building a network with other professionals from various industries and different backgrounds. Networking is one of the keys to a successful career and we will share our thoughts and experience as well as recommend the right educational institutions where such exposure is available.